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How to wash PU leather garment?


PU leather garments are welcome accepted by the garment industry, because of their soft and natural-looking. But how to maintain and wash the garment? Many people feel puzzled, let’s learn it.

The PU garment should be kept from moisture place. Once the garment gets dampened and molded, the garment will lose its glossy and longevity; If it gets wet, should be dry by cloth and hung to dry. Do not expose to the sun or fire or the garment will be hard and shrink.

how to wash pu leather garment

Once the garment is mold or dampened, clean by brush or cloth to remove the mold and put some oil on the surface evenly. When wiping the oil, if penetration or color changes happened, should stop the wipe at once. After the wipe, the oil, hang the garment in the shade with the wind.

Keep away from the hard and tough things when wearing the PU garment. Clean the dust and oil by dry brush or cloth.

Hang the garment is the best way to store the garment. Fold the garment will make the surface wrinkle or crack;

Cannot iron and cannot dry clean, iron and dry clean will damage the surface.

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